Experts’ elicitation!

We have already finished the expert-based study about the ship domain taking into account navigators’ preferences!
Thank you for participating and sharing your knowledge with us!

The collected results will be presented at scientific conferences about safety matters and maritime transportation as well as published in peer-review journals.

Please see our dissemination site to stay tuned! Thank you!

One of the milestones of the CADMUSS project concerns collecting experts’ knowledge about their preferences in the collision-avoidance process. The gathered results will serve as a base to delimit the outer zone of the safety criterion proposed.

The research questionnaire is about the preference-based ship domain of professional navigators working on board of passenger ships. Your participation is highly appreciated and will be used as a part of a research program on the safety of maritime transportation under the CADMUSS research project.

You will be requested to answer several, very similar questions related to the maritime collision-avoidance. Your task is to assess a preferred distance of an evasive maneuver execution. The questionnaire is based on the determination of certain distances at various (12) bearings. The distances will be later used to obtain dimensions and shape of ship domain, that will depict collision-avoidance preferences of the practitioners (in favorably traffic, operational, and environmental conditions). Each pair distance-bearing should be set twice, as two navigational scenarios, namely open sea and restricted waters will be investigated.

The questionnaire is fully anonymous, but we will ask you some personal details – for statistical purposes only. There are no good or bad answers as long as you answer in accordance with your best knowledge and firm belief. The questionnaire takes about 10 minutes to complete.

This survey is prepared by the Gdynia Maritime University researchers in close cooperation with Gdansk University of Technology and Hochschule Wismar.

You can participate in the survey by clicking here or on the MariVeys logo below.