The list of currently published papers, which were created as part of the project are given below along with full bibliographic information.

Journal papers

  1. Cunlong F., Montewka, J., & Zhang, D. (2022). A risk comparison framework for autonomous ships navigation. Reliability Engineering & System Safety, Volume 226, 108709, ISSN 0951-8320,

  2. Sepehri A., Vandchali H.R., Siddiqui A.W., Montewka J. (2022). The impact of shipping 4.0 on controlling shipping accidents: A systematic literature review, Ocean Engineering, 243, 110162,

  3. Wróbel, K., Gil, M., Krata, P., Olszewski, K., & Montewka, J. (2021). On the use of leading safety indicators in maritime and their feasibility for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part O: Journal of Risk and Reliability, 1748006X2110276.

Conference papers

  1. Benedict, K., Baldauf, M., Gluch, M., & Fischer, S. (2020). Innovative Assistance for e-Navigation-oriented Voyage Planning and Ship Collision Avoidance. 2020 European Navigation Conference (ENC), 1–11.

  2. Gil M., Montewka J., Wróbel K. Metoda wyznaczania granicznego obszaru manewrowego dla statku morskiego w sytuacji kolizyjnej. Konferencja naukowa Transcomp, Zakopane, 6-8 grudnia 2021, (in polish).

  3. Baldauf, M., Montewka, J., Gluch, M., Szlapczynska, J., Fischer, S., Gil, M., & Wróbel, K. (2022). Ship Domains and Manoeuvring Zones – Investigations to improve Collision Avoidance. 9th International Conference on Maritime Transport (ICMT), 27-29th June 2022, Barcelona, Spain.

  4. Gil M., Montewka J., Wróbel K. A method of the dynamic critical manoeuvring area determination for a large passenger ship in various encounter situations. ExploShip conference, 11-13th of May 2022, Świnoujście, Poland;  Explo-Ship 2022 – Program końcowy – Wydział Informatyki i Telekomunikacji Politechniki Morskiej w Szczecinie