During realization of the CADMUSS project a few research papers will be prepared.

The list of currently published papers, which were created as part of the project are given below along with full bibliographic information.

  1. Benedict, K., Baldauf, M., Gluch, M., & Fischer, S. (2020). Innovative Assistance for e-Navigation-oriented Voyage Planning and Ship Collision Avoidance. 2020 European Navigation Conference (ENC), 1–11.

  2. Wróbel, K., Gil, M., Krata, P., Olszewski, K., & Montewka, J. (2021). On the use of leading safety indicators in maritime and their feasibility for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part O: Journal of Risk and Reliability, 1748006X2110276.

  3. Baldauf, M., Montewka, J., Gluch, M., Szlapczynska, J., Fischer, S., Gil, M., & Wróbel, K. (2022). Ship Domains and Manoeuvring Zones – Investigations to improve Collision Avoidance. 9th International Conference on Maritime Transport (ICMT), 27-29th June 2022, Barcelona, Spain (submitted, in review).

  4. Cunlong F., Montewka, J., & Zhang, D. (2022). A risk comparison framework for autonomous ships navigation. Reliability Engineering & System Safety (submitted, in review).